It's beginning to look a lot like guinness

What's better than celebrating Christmas with delicious food? Documenting said food and blogging about it. 


Well it's that time of year once again. Halloween is long gone and on November 1st at midnight the switch was thrown to start up the Great Christmas Machine. You'll be hard-pressed to find a retail store, restaurant or dog sweater that hasn't started making some concessions to the season. All of this is perfectly fine with me as long as I get some eggnog (the full-fat gourmet kind, I mean if you're going to do it you may as well go all the way) and perhaps some pumpkin pie. 

I'm not much for parades or lights, but one thing I absolutely adore about the holiday season is the food. Christmas is the perfect time to get together with friends and family, enjoy a nice meal and a dark stout, and it seems to bring out the foodie in everyone.

Last year I had the pleasure of attending a number of Christmas get-togethers, but perhaps my favourite was an intimate gathering at the home of my brother, Colin, and his girlfriend Tara. Along with the lovely Vanessa and a couple other close friends it was everything I look for in a holiday bash. Good food, craft beer, some moderately attractive people and Christmas jazz.

There are few things I love more in this world than listening to Christmas jazz. Oscar Peterson, Vince Guaraldi, Ray Brown Trio to name a few. These are albums that I look forward to hearing all year long and they hold a special place in my heart. Any time I have the chance to recommend a good playlist for the holidays these are my go-to answers.

Christmas always offers a great opportunity for lively and entertaining photos. On this occasion I found it difficult to stop eating long enough to pick up the camera, but still managed to snap a few shots of the evening.

We even managed to set up a few decorations to really get into the holiday spirit.

And of course more food, including the guest of honour.


Needless to say, I'm looking forward to another Christmas season for a variety of reasons. The people, the food, the music, the festive spirit, and most of all a way to forget about the ungodly weather that plagues Toronto in December. At least until it's time to head home at the end of the night.