Show Me How Fast You Can Go

"So the song needs to be mixed and mastered, plus the video needs to be edited start to finish. Also we only have two days."



While my good friend and frequent collaborator Tara Kannangara was in the middle of her recent west coast tour, she and her stellar bandmates took a break from gigging to record a few tracks at a fantastic recording studio in Vancouver called The Space Studios. Primary among the tunes recorded was Tara's new song Show Me Where To Go. With help from local videographer Marty Clemens they were able to put together a terrific music video shoot, all live off the floor in the studio itself. 

Live room at The Space Studios

Live room at The Space Studios


This was all planned beforehand so I was prepared to start working as soon as they got home. What I wasn't prepared for was having the scheduled release of the video moved up by four days, leaving us just 48 hours to complete all post-production. When Tara let me know about the change I only had one response:

"Let's get coffee first." 

After a first pass at both the song and the video I had burned through one of my two days, but we were in a pretty good place. This is largely thanks to the excellent quality of both the sound recording and the videography. It's always a treat to work on music that is given to me at an extremely high level. 

With our schedules out of sync on the evening of day 1, Tara and I planned to get together on the morning of day 2 (delivery day) and not leave the studio until we were done. Halfway through the day (and the whole way through a pot of my very favourite freshly ground Cut Coffee and our mix was ready to be sent out for mastering. For this Tara had secured the talents of Peter J Moore, a terrific local mastering engineer who was on board with our same-day delivery needs. 

After sending off the mix we turned our full attention to polishing up the video edit. A few hours and a few more cups of sweet sweet caffeinated deliciousness later and we had kicked D-Day squarely in the ass.

Video done, song back from mastering and sounding amazing, only thing left to do was sit back and revel in an amazingly efficient working experience. 

Projects like this one are the reason why I love doing what I do. Fast-paced, decisive, creatively fulfilling. This was a tremendously rewarding video to produce which left me shaking with excitement for my next mixing session. Or perhaps I was just jittery from all the coffee...